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Lil' Nugget
Lil' Nugget

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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:42 pm

The following are rules you must follow to be allowed to stay a member of this site. If the rules are broken and you are already on warning, you will be banned until further notice. They are not too hard to follow, and not to strict. Here we go.

1) No spamming - Nobody wants to see 100 threads all by you saying gibberish or things that don't need to be posted just to raise your post count and rank. These threads will be deleted.

2) No flaming other members - Don't sign up to this forum just to criticise and flame other members of the forum, you must treat everyone here as you would want to be treated yourself.

3) Do not argue with admins - If you have been given a punishment, you must take it. Do not try to reason with the admins as this will just make the punishment worse.

4) Don't hack the forum or post dangerous links - This will give you an IP ban.

5) No posting adult material - This will be deleted and you will be IP banned.
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