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 Shelton's last breath

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PostSubject: Shelton's last breath   Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:28 am

The camera shows Kofi walking around backstage. “S.O.S” by Collie Buddz plays through the arena as he makes his way to ringside, grinning with excitement. He rushes down the ramp, microphone in his hand, barely controlling himself from sprinting to the ring. The fans cheer for him and shout several of his many nicknames and slogans as he leaps into the ring and does his signature clapping taunt on the top rope. Bouncing back down to earth, Kofi thanks the audience and raises the microphone to his lips.

Thank you, thank you, it sure does feel great standing here, on the greatest wrestling program on this planet, with the greatest wrestling fans in this universe- RPW: EXODUS!

The crowd cheer insanely, eager to hear what Kofi has to say.

I have to say, as much as I dislike Alberto del Rio, giving him this power really does help out everyone, I mean, moving people like “Christian” and “Tyson Kidd” over to Acid, gives the more skilled wrestlers a chance to let their skill show
We get to keep Nitro as our GM!

The audience cheer in response to Kofi’s comments.

Now, to explain why I’m out here, I would like to be the first one to offer my congratulations to Dance, or Vanity or whatever name you’ve decided to go with this week, and I would like to formally let you know that I, Kofi Kingston am requesting to also be the first one to challenge you for your championship as out of the entire Exodus roster, I came closest to wining, not Sheamus, not Shelton, not Nitro, me! You see, I defeated Sheamus in that match so I would quite happily wash my hands of him now, however, unfortunately I have a match with him at Hell’s Domain, and so I’ll leave you to ponder the whens and the wheres, but I thought I’d make myself first in line.

Once Kofi’s finished, the fans applaud the thought of having Kofi as their new RPW champion.

So, now that that is out of the way, I can get to the second point on my agenda. I-

The fans erupt in howls of concern as Sheamus and Sanguine come out from backstage and run to the ring, Sanguine holding a baseball bat. Kofi turns to see them and smirks slightly, as if he was expecting it.

Sanguine looks at Kofi smiling, with Sheamus next to him, equipping an even more sinister looking grin. Kofi looks worried, but then smiles, and gets in a fighting pose. As Nitro slides into the ring next to him. Sanguine and Sheamus look at eachother a bit more worried, then they look back. Cena then slides in the ring next to Nitro, and then Sheamus and Sanguine get really worried. Sheamus goes to back away, but Shelton Benjamin slides in the ring behind the two men, making them surrounded. Sheamus looks at Sanguine, then goes to turn his attention to Shelton, who plants a kick right in his face. Sheamus drops to his back. Shelton regains his balnce, but is then hit with a huge clothesline by Sanguine, which knocks both him, and Sanguine over the top rope. As both men hit the floor, Sanguine gets up first, grabs Shelton, and tosses him up the ramp. When on the stage, Sanguine looks up at all three men in the ring, then grabs around Sheltons neck, treating him like a hostage. Kofi does the same with Sheamus.

Leave Sheamus alone, or Benjamin gets it.

All I want is a Championship Match Sanguine.

Well you ain't getting one.

I deserve that title shot.

The only thing you deserve, is to watch your friend suffer due to your stupid decisions.

Sanity lays Sheltons body in the middle of the stage, and jumps off it. Shelton wonders where he is as he slowly gets to his feet. Suddenly, Sanguine appears on the Titantron, next to a machine of some sort.

So lets heat things up.

Nitro leaps over the top rope to get out the ring, and his cat like agility ensures he lands on his feet. He sprints twoards the stage to save Shelton. But it's to late. With a push of a button, the stage explodes with different colours, with Benjamin still on it. Nitro flies backwards and lands on his back. And when the fireworks die out, you can just see Sheltons scarred, unconcious body layed on the stage.

The Mask of Insanity
Kofi Kofi Kofi, you have to be an idiot to think YOU of all people have what it takes to defeat me! There are much more.....Deserving superstars that have a right to challenge me and as much as it burns my tongue to say it i actually ugggh.....Respect 2 superstars A LITTLE BIT mind you and that is Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus O'Shaunessy but i am not here to kiss anyone's ass or any of the sort instead I Sanguine am going to show you people the WHY and HOW of what i am capable of first of all here is the why.

Sanguine says and shows a montage of him in his days of wrestling from being Lance Hoyt and Lance Rock in TNA, Lance Archer and Vance Archer in FCW and WWE during his days teaming with Curt Hawkins and all the way to his RPW Debut but what it shows is what all he did to his opponents.

The Mask of Insanity
As all of you people have seen WHY i am the champion is because i will do whatever it takes to get to the top as you all have seen in my montage and now I will give you the people the honor of seeing HOW I did it in the first place!

Sanguine says and suddenly a video of him beating up Justin Gabriel with a steel chair and damaging his ankle, Ending the career of Edge with his Sanity Breaker and making sure to damage him badly then all the way to him nearly giving RVD a heart attack with his butcher knife and suddenly ALOT of boos occur after the crowd builds up the courage to boo him

I see all of you people have finally built the courage to tell me how you all feel, someday you all will come to love the Age of Insanity!

After Sanguine ends the career of Shelton Benjamin and looks on as Nitro tried to save his friend

Kofi, Nitro you both suffered for your stupid decisions but nobody suffered more then poor Shelton Benjamin but now i will ask you both a question.....Do you like to play with fire?

Kofi and Cena look at each other, confused, until they both see something in the corner of their eye. They both turn around and see Sanguine there with a flamethrower, Kofi screams in a girl like manner and pushes Cena into Sanguine, bailing out of the ring. Sanguine bats Cena to the floor before lighting him on fire with the flamethrower. Cena scream before his body explodes, and Sanguine smiles, before turning to Sheamus. Sheamus gets up and looks at Sanguine.

Sheamus: Thanks for saving m-

Sanguine grabs Sheamus and bends him over his knee, before shoving the end of his flamethrower up his arse and lighting Sheamus on fire from the inside. Sheamus screams as smoke comes out of his ears, mouth and eyes. Sanguine grabs Sheamus by the hair and looks into his eyes.

Sanguine: This is for not returning to RPW Azar.

Sheamus squeals, then blows up into a million peices, blood splashing Sanguine. Sanguine lays his flamethrower in the middle of the ring, and jumps off it. Suddenly the scene changes to show Nitro and Kofi backstage.

Kofi: I think we're safe here.

Suddenly Sanguine smashes through the roof and flattens Kofi, causing Nitro to try and run away. Instead however, Nitro is side swiped by a car and killed. In the car is Michael Cole.

Cole: That was Nitro getting run down by me, with a Nitro flavour.

Sanguine walks over to the car, causing Cole to look at him.

Cole: Hello Big Sexy.

Sanguine punches the car, causing it to fold in on itself and crush Cole inside it.

Jerry Lawler: GUT KICK!

Suddenly the world implodes, the end.
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Shelton's last breath
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